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Last Updated - 18/3/17

Fired by a passion for the planet and ecology, we put in years of research and converted our first car to run on locally produced and waste vegetable oil in 2005. Since then we have been supplying DIY kits, and promoting Veggie Power at events and festivals all over the country. Our conversion kits have also been tried and tested and found to be working beautifully at Bath University. Our personal vehicles have individual driven over 50000 miles on vegetable oil without any issue.

In more recent years Veggie Power diversified to become Veggie Power - Sustainable energy technologies and set about developing sustainable means to produce off grid energy. In 2011 we built our first bicycle powered electricity generators and solar panels, which have been hired to provide power at events and festivals. Our unique range of pedal power products are now available for sale in our shop.

As well as developing our own technologies and products, we offer a consultation, design and installation service for off grid technologies such as solar electricity and heating. We have installed solar power on boats, motorhomes and entire campsites. If your having trouble with your existing equipment we can help. From troubleshooting to routine maintenance we can perform a full service of your system.

Along with press coverage of alternative fuels, Veggiepower has featured frequently in the media and on TV . We have also lobbied the Government, as members of the United Kingdom Pure Plant Oil Association (UKPPOA) and the Tax payable on vegetable oil as a Road fuel was removed, for consumption of less than 2,500 litres per year.

Convert Your Diesel Vehicle To Run on Vegetable Oil

Run your car on Vegetable Oil and help reduce Co2 emissions - cut running costs to you and help the environment.

Veggiepower provides easy to install conversion kits- or we can do the conversion for you. Ever imagined running your car legally and free on oil from your local chip shop or restaurant? It's perfectly possible. There's nothing new about running vehicles on veggie oil. It is well tested and proven to be an excellent fuel. Rudolph Diesel ran Diesel engines (compression Ignition engines) on peanut oil as long ago as the 1890s. The German company Elsbett has been re- examining the use of vegetable oil as a fuel, since the 1980s. Veggiepower has driven over 100.000 miles on WVO(Waste Vegetable Oil ), SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) and PPO (Pure Plant oil). This includes two 3,000 mile test drives to Southern Spain and back. And, yes, we got there and back, problem free and cheaply! Veggie Power Kits are also suitable for other diesel engine applications such as, marine, agricultural, power generation and others.

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Mobile Power with sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy Technologies can provide your event with clean ecofriendly mobile power solutions. Our custom built cycle powered generators not only provide electricity to run music stages, mobile cinemas (and many other things!) but also provide a fun interactive attraction. We also have custom built solar panels made from recycled materials, diesel generators ready to run on veg oil and wind turbines.

Other equipment we have available to hire include: The Pedal Powered Smoothy Maker, a blender directly driven by pedal power! Or, The Human Power Meter, test your strength by pedaling the bicycle and illuminating as many lights as possible. The challenger can directly see how any Watts of energy they are producing from the colourful display.

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waste vegetable oil recycling

Veggie power is now working with Portsmouth City Council and Southern Water to recycle waste vegetable oil. Thanks to all those who signed the petition! Please contact us for more information on recycling your waste oil.



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